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Psychological Assessments

At Bearable Times, we offer comprehensive psychological assessments to gain valuable insights into various aspects of an individual's psychological well-being. Our assessments involve the integration of information from multiple sources, including personality tests, ability or intelligence tests, and tests of interests or attitudes. These assessments provide a deeper understanding of an individual's cognitive abilities, emotional functioning, and overall psychological profile.


Types of Assessments

Intelligence Test

Assessing cognitive abilities and intellectual potential to gain insights into an individual's overall intellectual functioning.

Aptitude Test

Evaluating an individual's specific aptitudes and skills in various domains to guide educational and career decision-making.

Learning Disability Assessment

Identifying learning disabilities and related difficulties that may impact academic performance and providing recommendations for intervention and support.

Personality Assessment

Exploring an individual's personality traits, motivations, and behavioral patterns to gain a deeper understanding of their psychological makeup.

Anxiety/Depression Assessment

Assessing the presence and severity of anxiety symptoms and identifying underlying factors contributing to anxiety-related difficulties.